General Session Speaker

Ann Marks

Amazing Face Reading

Ann Marks has earned two masters degrees.  One is in Theology from Villanova University and the other is in Counseling Psychology from the University of Akron.     After teaching and counseling for over twenty years, Ann became the first woman Executive Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which is an international outplacement company based in Chicago.

After fourteen years with Challenger, she left to become the Forum Executive Director for the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) whose world headquarters is located in Irving, Texas.  Ann has traveled all over the world both for business and pleasure.  Since 1999 she has presented face reading to organizations from both the public and private sector.

In 1997 Ann became interested in Physiognomy or “face reading” when she attended a presentation by Mac Fulfer, the author of Amazing Face Reading: an encyclopedic guide to reading faces.  Ann immediately saw the value of reading her own face and then realized it changed the way she looked at everyone else.  She began to use this tool to do better hiring and improve her ability to connect and communicate with others.

Ann’s use of face reading has provided a surprising breakthrough in communication.  The science has proven helpful in creating better rapport and eliminating bias and discrimination.  Companies, such as Pfizer Inc. and BentWood Industries, have used Ann’s presentation on improving odds in sales as a part of their training programs.  Ann was featured in a PCMA Convene article “Your Face is an Open Book” in the March 2007 issue.

The session will provide participants with an accurate and immediate assessment tool to better understand every person they meet.  Input will include how to immediately read anger, stress, deception, confusion and wariness on another person’s face.  Learning to read faces creates a deeper empathic connection with others, creates better working alliances, better interviews for hiring and fosters better communication between management and employees.   The presenter guarantees that by the end of the session, participants will never look at another person the same way again.

Understanding different personalities, character traits and individual perspectives is often a challenge in hiring, managing, motivating and communicating with others.  Most personal conflicts arise from misunderstanding and a rush to judgment.  The session will provide a new way to see people without labeling or judging them.  Instead it will give an understanding of others’ strengths and weaknesses.  Amazing face reading is a tool that can create win/win situations by knowing instantly when there has been a communication breakdown.  This session will help every participant have more effective interactions with every person they meet.