Closing Keynote Speaker


Unlock & Amplify®: Unleashing Talent and Potential in a Dynamic World

As HR professionals and leaders, we faced unprecedented challenges in the last year and many of us, and our organizations, found ourselves struggling just to stay afloat. But while the pandemic certainly introduced new variables, it also exacerbated circumstances that were already in existence – burnout, decreased engagement, the difficulty of operating in a 24/7 global work landscape and talent and potential being left on the table.

The good news is, we have all that talent and potential just waiting to be unlocked and when we tap into it, the possibilities are endless! Drawing on the lessons from Rick’s book, Acoustic Leadership: Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates, and combined with interactivity, a lot of energy, and a little rock and roll, we’ll introduce a framework to help us change the way we think about the work we do and thrive!