Opening Keynote Speaker

Sandy Asch

Sandy Asch, Principal Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC, bestselling author of ROAR: How to Build a Resilient Organization the World Famous San Diego Zoo Way, internationally recognized speaker, global consultant, best place to work expert and architect of the Resilience at WorkTM model.

Asch partners with companies globally to create workplaces that are passionate, focused, healthier and resilient.

30,000 leaders in 350+ companies in 50 countries and 6 languages have implemented her strategies to win best place to work awards, navigate mergers and embrace change.

Sandy’s presentations are uniquely high-content and high-participation, engaging CEO, HR and leadership audiences globally in practical discussions to activate meaningful application that produces results. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management.

The Resilience at Work Project is a global conversation and collaboration about the importance of building resilience to cultivate a more resilient workplace where people are focused, healthier and more fulfilled. Because when we create work environments where people excel and thrive, businesses become more resilient against future challenges and disruptions. Resilience is the new business imperative. People are tired, sick and tired, tired of chasing goals, sick of sacrificing their personal lives. Achievement is short lived in this capricious world we live in. People want more. They want quality of life and fulfillment. The pathway to achieve this is RESILIENCE.

Resilience is critical for our future. Building resilient organizations is the new way to resist and overcome the negative effects of a disrupted and chaotic workplace. As people, we were never meant to thrive under extreme stress, pressure, and unrelenting demands. How can we expect anyone to fulfill their greatest potential when they’re tired, fragmented, overworked, distracted, anxious about the future and unsatisfied?