Closing Keynote Speaker

Libby Sartain LLC

Former CHRO, Professional Board Member

Libby Sartain is an independent advisor, working with companies on human resource issues. With more than 30 years of experience in human resources, she is also an author and frequent speaker, using her HR leadership and management experience at companies in technology, transportation and manufacturing. She led human resources at Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines during transformative periods. Both companies were among Fortune magazine’s “Best Places to Work” during her tenure. She is the former board chair of the Society for Human Resource Management and currently serves on the SHRM Foundation Board.  Sartain serves on the boards of directors of ManpowerGroup and Shutterfly and is the Vice Chair of the Board of AARP.

Based on the speaker’s book, Brand for Talent, this presentation will highlight how organizations must build a talent brand in order to attract their most critical talent segments to come to work. In just the past few years the marketplace for talent has fundamentally changed, partly because the needs of business have changed, partly because the availability of technology has changed how workers and business connect. Today business competes for talent in a free global marketplace in which traditional definitions of job and employee no longer relate. People looking for work have fundamentally changed. They have become “consumers of work”.

Libby’s keynote has an essential message for all HR leaders:  You can guide your organization through this competitive marketplace by treating your worker pool more like consumers and less like employees.  Think of each phase in the worker life cycle as a branded experience and design your HR programming to deliver this experience.  Workers will become more engaged and your organization will be prepared for the impending brain drain likely to occur when the economy turns around and disengaged workers head for more meaningful work.

This talk will challenge audience members to:

• Establish a team at the top with Marketing, Communications and Business operations to create the right worker experience at each stage of the employment life cycle

• Consider the both needs of the business and sensibilities of workers to meet changing business requirements

• Become an organization that creates strong connections with its prospective talent pool and a reputation for providing a great worker experience.